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Cocktail Recipe: Sangrita

Sangrita recipe

Sangrita is a traditional Mexican accompaniment to tequila, a delicious, umami-filled chaser made from tangy fruit juices, spices, and sometimes a little tomato juice. (You can read more of the Professor’s thoughts on sangrita and see a previous recipe.) Here is another recipe that I tried, that gives it a different kick. I like the use … Read more

Cocktail Recipe: Tequila Watermelon Smash

Tequila Watermelon Smash

From the mid-1840s until after the Civil War, the smash was America’s favorite mixed drink. Called by Jerry Thomas “a julep on a small plan,” the smash is a simple-but-delicious cocktail that emphasizes fresh ingredients, minimal preparation, and bold flavors. It’s the perfect style of drink for the summertime. A smash is usually composed of … Read more