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Rum Review: 10 Cane Rum

10cane10 Cane
Trinidadian Rum
Final Grade: C-
Price: $25 (750ml)

According to their website, 10 Cane rum is made from first press Trinidadian sugar cane juice. Technically this would make it a "rhum agricole," since it's distilled from the cane juice instead of the more common molasses. It's called "10 Cane" because it supposedly takes ten sugar cane stalks to make one bottle of the rum. They've branded it as "THE WORLD’S BEST RUM." It is not.

Right out of the bottle, 10 Cane had no aroma I could detect, other than a whiff of alcohol. After it had opened up for a few minutes, I could start to smell the sugar cane. It has a sweet, brown sugar aroma; subtle, but pleasant.

Drinking it neat — again, right out of the bottle — the rum didn't do anything for me. It had a strong alcohol bite, and that's it. No real flavors that I could discern, other than a generic taste of rum.

Trying it again after a few minutes it was definitely smoother, but I still didn't find much going on. A little sweetness, a little heat, but not much else. There is none of the typical rhum agricole flavor that one finds with such brands as Clément or Neisson.

The producers recommend mixing 10 Cane in a Cuba Libre, Mojito or Daiquiri, so I whipped up a Daiquiri. My standard recipe is 2 oz rum, 1/2 oz lime and 3/4 oz simple syrup. It tasted fine; reasonably pleasant, but nothing special. Again, the flavor of the rum just seemed to get lost. This could actually be an advantage to a lot of drinkers, but I prefer my rum to taste like, well, rum.

10 Cane is certainly not a bad product, but I think there are many better options at its price point. For $25 a bottle, I expect more than just okay. And this doesn't deliver it.

Report Card

Quality Grade: C
Value Grade: D+
Final Grade: C-