Bar Review: Pint + Jigger

Pint + Jigger

Hawaii has a reputation as being a cocktail wasteland. But by making a quick trip away from the resorts, you can enjoy drinks as good as you’ll find in NYC or San Francisco — and they’ll cost you a whole lost less.

When it comes to service, atmosphere, and quality cocktails, Pint and Jigger can stand toe-to-toe with anyone. Try one of the hand-crafted drinks from their menu — I had several and they were all excellent — or order whatever strikes your fancy. Chances are, the bartenders will know how to make it, and they’ll do so in style.

Among the drinks that I enjoyed were a Smoking Gun (tequila, blood orange, passion fruit, macadamia nuts), a Mesquite Smoked Manhattan (bourbon, vermouth, bitters, smoke), and a Drawn and Quartered (Angostura, Campari, lime, apricot).

One of my favorite drinks was one of the simplest: the Trilogy, comprised of a shot of mezcal (or tequila), some housemade Sangrita, and a Tecate chaser — all accompanied with a delicious little taco garnish. I had it with Del Maguet mezcal (I don’t recall which kind) and it was a spicy, vibrant combination.

Although I didn’t try any of them, Pint and Jigger also has a long line of taps featuring highly regarded craft beers. So this is definitely a spot you’ll want to check out if beer is your drink.

If you want to nibble while you sip, the food is good, too. The burger and fries were top-notch, and the slab of bacon appetizer was a decadent treat.

I can’t recommend Pint and Jigger any more highly. The drinks are outstanding and the staff is even better. Truly a rare and enjoyable bar experience.

(Note: I took some pictures when I was there, but they didn’t come out very well. So I swiped this graphic from their website.)

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