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Professor Cocktail’s Holiday Gift Guide: Gin

The holidays are upon us once again. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or all three, you want to find the perfect gift to give to those you care about. If that special someone enjoys a good tipple, your task is that much easier. Just give them booze!

This week we’ll be running our holiday gift guide, with recommendations for spirits in different categories. First up is gin.


Professor Cocktail’s Holiday Gift Guide: Gin

Gifting a bottle to a gin lover is simpler than with most spirits. There aren’t as many choices as there are with Scotch (for example), and most of the brands are damn good.

Tanqueray ginCan’t-Miss Gin: Tanqueray ($19)

One of the world’s most ubiquitous gins is also one of the best. The classic gin of the London dry variety, Tanqueray is always welcome.

Plymouth ginPerfect All-Purpose Gin: Plymouth ($30)

Virtually any cocktail that calls for gin can be deliciously made with Plymouth. Softer and a little sweeter than Tanqueray, every bar (and every gin drinker) needs a bottle on the shelf.

North shore ginThe Gift for the Gin Connoisseur:  North Shore No. 11 ($32)

A truly unique gin that most haven’t heard of, North Shore No. 11 has the classic flavors of a London dry, augmented with amazing herbs and spices. Makes a one-of-a-kind delicious gin and tonic.

We’ve included links for each suggestion to K&L Wines (where available). K&L is a great spirits store, with impeccable service and a sterling reputation. You can order from them with confidence. Send them an email to see if they ship to your state. (Note: We’re not being compensated for these links — but we should be!)