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Wine Wednesday: Pierre Gimonnet Gastronome Brut Blanc de Blanc 2006

ChampagnePierre Gimmonet is far from a household name in the Champagne business. But even though they don't get the headlines, they produce some of the best wines in the region. A great example is the Pierre Gimonnet Gastronome Brut Blanc de Blanc 2006.

A "Blanc de Blanc" Champagne is a white wine made from white grapes — in this case, Chardonnay. It's also billed as a "gastronome" Champagne, which basically means it's intended to be drunk with food. It has smaller bubbles and less added sugar, so as not to overly interfere with the palate.

We enjoyed this with a "surf and turf" meal of ribeye steaks and crab cakes. As promised, this wine was an excellent accompaniment to our dinner. It's fresh and lively, with a crisp flavor that cuts through your meal without overpowering it.

With delicious fruity flavors and a slight floral character, this is also a fine Champagne to drink on its own. I'd be happy to open a bottle of this any time.




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