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Cocktail Recipe: Donga Punch

Donga Punch cocktail

PrintDonga Punch Ingredients2 oz. Rhum Agricole (aged) 1 1/2 oz. Don’s Mix* 3/4 oz. Fresh Lime JuiceInstructionsShake all ingredients with crushed ice, then pour unstrained into a tall glass. Top with more crushed ice, if necessary. *Don’s Mix is one of Don the Beachcomber’s “secret ingredients.” It is composed of two parts white grapefruit juice … Read more

Coming Soon: Professor Cocktail’s Zombie Horde

Publishing on October 8, 2013 via Amazon.com is my new ebook, Professor Cocktail’s Zombie Horde: Recipes for the World’s Most Lethal Drink. Here is what Tiki legend Sven Kirsten had to say about it: “Good (Tiki) god! I had no idea there are so many new versions of this potion out there — and most by reputable … Read more

Taste Test: Orgeat (Almond Syrup)

Orgeat is a powerful weapon in the mixologist’s toolkit. Little known outside of bartending circles, it’s a crucial ingredient in many great Tiki drinks — most notably the Mai Tai — and in other classic libations, like the Japanese Cocktail. Originally a French barley water, orgeat (pronounced or-zhat) in its current form is a sweet almond … Read more

Planter’s Punch – The Original Tiki Drink

The Planter’s Punch is one of the oldest rum cocktails, a classic combination of rum, lime juice and sugar that dates back to 18th-century Jamaica. There the drink was originally made according to a recipe with the rhythm of a nursery rhyme: “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.” (That … Read more

Recipe: The Mai Tai

Declaring a particular cocktail my favorite is a little like declaring one of the kids my favorite — I could do it, but I wouldn’t want them to hear. Cocktails can be such sensitive creatures. It used to be that I drank mostly vodka. I’d mix it with a little lemonade or fruit juice and … Read more