An Interview with the Professor, Courtesy of Société Perrier

Société Perrier, the nightlife and culture website, has a profile of me that just went up yesterday. I thought it came out nicely and hope you find it entertaining.

Here's their intro:

A fourth-generation Californian, David J. Montgomery spent close to 20 years in Bakersfield, learning, as he puts it, "…the joys of Coors Light, Picon Punch, Fernet after dinner, and plenty of cheap red wine." Now residing in D.C.'s Northern Virginia suburbs, the longtime author and book critic is the scribe behind Professor Cocktail. On the blog, Montgomery documents his spirit sampling, awarding As to bottles he'd happily drink forever, and lesser grades to those falling short of world-class status. While he admits to occasional grade inflation (enthusiasm over new distilling techniques is to blame for that) his professor title is 100 percent legit. Montgomery spent several years teaching college history, and is well versed in the influence spirits have had on U.S. culture. Naturally, when we asked him a few questions about his blog and drink preferences, we were more than happy to play the role of student. 

You can see the rest of it at Better Know A Blogger: Professor Cocktail.


About the Professor


David J. Montgomery is an emeritus columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and The Daily Beast, and has also written for many of the country’s largest newspapers, including USA Today, the Washington Post, Boston Globe, and several others.

His fiction has appeared in Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can’t Put Down, edited by Clive Cussler (Mira Books, 2009), and various online magazines. His essay on author Ross Thomas appeared in the Edgar Award-nominated collection Thrillers: 100 Must Reads, edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner (Oceanview Publishing, 2010).

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master’s degree in History, Mr. Montgomery taught U.S. History and African American History for six years at Bakersfield College.

For the past ten years, he has worked as an Event Copywriter for Goldstar, a company that helps people get out more and attend live entertainment.

In addition to this website, Mr. Montgomery writes Crime Fiction Dossier, a sporadic blog covering the world of mystery/thriller fiction and publishing, and Mystery Ink, a currently dormant book review website dedicated to the same.

Mr. Montgomery lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters. His favorite drinks are the gin and tonic and the Mai Tai (as made according to Trader Vic’s recipe).

Some of the publications Mr. Montgomery has written for include:

USA Today

Washington Post

The Daily Beast

Boston Globe

Philadelphia Inquirer

Chicago Sun-Times

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Milwaukwee Journal-Sentinel

Kansas City Star

Washington Examiner


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Allow me to introduce myself

If you read the short bio I wrote for my TypePad Profile page, you will find:

David J. Montgomery is a professional book critic and amateur cocktailian. An emeritus columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and The Daily Beast, his work has also appeared in USA Today, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. A former professor of history, he currently lives in Northern Virginia with his family.

That gives you a good idea of the basics. I've been a book critic for the past decade or so, writing about books (mostly mysteries and thrillers) and authors for most of the country's major newspapers. I still review books, although not as often as I once did. (The newspaper book review business has gone from a slow flow to a mere trickle.)

Before that I taught American History at the college level, which is why I dubbed myself Professor Cocktail. I realize it's a little pretentious, but all the other good website domain names were taken.

More recently, I have become increasingly interested in the art and craft of the cocktail. There has been a renaissance over the past decade in appreciation for fine spirits and the ways in which they can be combined. I was peripherally aware of this movement, but I have since plunged headlong into the study of it, and one of the results is this website.

I will be writing about all manner of topics related to alcohol, cocktails, and spirits; anything, really, that catches my eye (or, more likely, palate) from the world of liquor and mixology. I'll be discussing cocktail recipes, spirit reviews, bartending books, and the like. I also have tentative plans to attempt to earn my title of Professor Cocktail with some more historically-oriented discussions of the role spirits have played in the development of American History.

I hope you will join me for the journey. It should be a fun one!