Sample Policy

It is the policy of this website to solicit and accept samples, freebies, swag, and other assorted promotional materials from liquor companies, marketeers, promoters, publicity flacks, bars, and anyone else who wants to give it.

To be on the safe side, you can assume that anything I write about was given to me for free (even though it quite possibly wasn’t). However, as has been my strict policy for over a decade, the receipt of complimentary items or services in no way affects the judgement, opinions, or reviews that appear on this website. I am committed to complete indepedence.

If you are interested in sending samples, products, or other materials for possible review and/or mention on this website, please email me: Professor Cocktail.


Allow me to introduce myself

If you read the short bio I wrote for my TypePad Profile page, you will find:

David J. Montgomery is a professional book critic and amateur cocktailian. An emeritus columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and The Daily Beast, his work has also appeared in USA Today, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. A former professor of history, he currently lives in Northern Virginia with his family.

That gives you a good idea of the basics. I've been a book critic for the past decade or so, writing about books (mostly mysteries and thrillers) and authors for most of the country's major newspapers. I still review books, although not as often as I once did. (The newspaper book review business has gone from a slow flow to a mere trickle.)

Before that I taught American History at the college level, which is why I dubbed myself Professor Cocktail. I realize it's a little pretentious, but all the other good website domain names were taken.

More recently, I have become increasingly interested in the art and craft of the cocktail. There has been a renaissance over the past decade in appreciation for fine spirits and the ways in which they can be combined. I was peripherally aware of this movement, but I have since plunged headlong into the study of it, and one of the results is this website.

I will be writing about all manner of topics related to alcohol, cocktails, and spirits; anything, really, that catches my eye (or, more likely, palate) from the world of liquor and mixology. I'll be discussing cocktail recipes, spirit reviews, bartending books, and the like. I also have tentative plans to attempt to earn my title of Professor Cocktail with some more historically-oriented discussions of the role spirits have played in the development of American History.

I hope you will join me for the journey. It should be a fun one!