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Wine Wednesday: Dry Creek Vineyard Dry Chenin Blanc 2013

Chenin Blanc doesn’t get as much love as other white wine varietals like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, but it can be a great grape in the right hands.

Mostly those hands are French. The top producers of wines made with Chenin Blanc are located in the Loire Valley of France, paricularly in the AOC of Vouvray. But the Americans aren’t completely outclassed with this grape.

Dry Creek Vineyards, located in California’s Sonoma County, does some very nice things with Chenin Blanc. Witness their┬áDry Chenin Blanc 2013, a delicious summertime wine that goes quite nicely on its own or with shellfish or cheese.

The wine is a light straw color and mildly aromatic. It has a juicy, fruity smell that made me think of red licorice. It is, as the name promises, dry, but not overly so. It’s light-bodied with some pear and pineapple flavors and slight minerality.

A very easy-drinking wine with ripe fruit and medium acidity. I could easily drink a bottle of this at one sitting — but I won’t.