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Follow-up: Torani Almond (Orgeat) Syrup

In the comments section of my recent story on the Orgeat Taste Test I performed, a reader named Markahuna wrote:

I'm sorry about your opinion of the Torani syrup but even sorrier that you chose to taste test the Torani Almond which is no where near the same as the Torani Orgeat. I find the Torani Orgeat to be quite nice for the $5 per litre price, I have tried all of the above listed Orgeats and more and I still prefer to use the Torani Orgeat if I don't have a batch of home-made orgeat on hand.

I was curious about this, and wondered if perhaps Torani had changed their syrup, or it was a different type of almond syrup, and that somehow accounted for how poorly their orgeat scored. So I contacted Torani's corporate office to inquire.

One of their customer service managers responded:

Based off of market research, we decided to change the name to Almond since the majority of people didn’t realize what “Orgeat” meant.  The name changed but the formula stayed exactly the same.  We no longer carry “Orgeat” labeled syrup in our warehouse.

So that answers that question. The Torani orgeat is the same, just with a name change. I'm following up with them to see if I possibly got a bad bottle, but I'm doubtful.