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Charity auction: have drinks with Derek Brown at The Columbia Room

Here’s a great chance to help a good cause while having a lot of fun in the process. Derek is an amazing bartender and The Columbia Room experience is truly amazing. Cocktail connoisseurs in the DC area know that the search for the best-quality beverage ends with Derek Brown, and his bar-within-a-bar watering hole, The … Read more

New Year’s Resolutions: New Drinking Rules for 2012

Liquor.com offers their resolutions for the new year — some interesting advice you might want to consider. (The commentary is adapted from their piece. It’s not mine. But I agree with it.) Have nightcaps and aperitifs At least once this year, try this classic style of imbibing. Visit a new bar Not that long ago, … Read more

Year in Review: Chicago’s Year in Cocktails

Over on Chicagoist, Roger Kamholz presents the “Year in Cocktails,” a fast summary of what happened on the craft cocktail scene last year in Chicago. In short: “It’s been an incredible year for cocktails in Chicago. From the openings of several exciting new bars, to the creativity on display at the city’s most established watering holes, … Read more

Does the Mixology Movement Have a Shelf Life?

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, the great archaeologist of Tiki drinks and cocktail commentator, posted a short essay wondering about the state of mixology today: We love mock speakeasies. We love bartenders who wear bowler hats, Jerry Thomas facial hair, and sleeve garters. Even more than the theatricality, we love the ceremony of watching a vintage cocktail being … Read more

Book Review: “The American Cocktail” by The Editors of Imbibe Magazine

Some cocktail books are intended for the casual mixologist, some are intended for the advanced user, and some are a mixture of both. Jim Meehan’s The PDT Cocktail Book is an excellent example of the last category, as it’s accessible to the inexperienced, yet valuable to the pro as well. The American Cocktail, a new book … Read more


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