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Ask the Professor: Orgeat Ingredients

I'm starting a new feature here on Professor Cocktail: Ask the Professor. This is your chance to write in and ask me anything. I may not have an answer…but if I don't, I can probably make something up.

Kevin writes to ask:

Would you mind posting the nutrition information for the Small Hand Foods Orgeat and the Routin 1883? I'm working on tweaking my orgeat recipes and that info would help, thanks!

An easy one! Yes, Kevin, I can do that.

Small Hand Foods Orgeat contains: Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Almonds, Apricot Kernels, Organic Lemon Juice, Orange Blossom Water, Brandy (.5% abv)

Routin 1883 Orgeat contains: Cane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavor

My recipe for orgeat contains water, sugar, almonds, orange flower water, and a little high-proof vodka as a preservative. I've tried it with the addition of rose flower water as well, but I didn't think it added anything.

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