Mr. Boston is Back! The Classic Guide Reborn Online

The first bartending book I ever owned was the 50th Anniversary Edition of Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide. It was published in 1984, back when the brand was still owned by the Glenmore Distillery. If memory serves, I picked up at B. Dalton Booksellers on the bargain table a few years after that.

I didn’t know anything about cocktails or mixing drinks. And truth be told, this book didn’t teach me much about it either. I’d never heard of half the things in it and certainly didn’t have the money to buy any ¬†of the products and experiment. The recipes were a little strange as well. But I still found it fascinating to flip though, and kept it on my shelf for many years. (It’s still sitting there.)

Now the fine folks at Sazerac — the current owners of the name — have put Mr. Boston’s guide on the web for us to play with. Not only does it have all the recipes, but information on tools, techniques, and other goodies. I’ve started playing with it and it’s a fun website. It’s especially cool that you can compared how the recipes for the drinks have evolve over the years.

The recipes aren’t definitive, in my opinion. But they’re still worth looking at and exploring.

Visit it at Mr. Boston Drinks.

mr boston cocktail recipe book


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