Coming Soon: Isaac Bowman Port Finish Whiskey

I’m always interested in new whiskeys. And I have a particular interest in new Virginia whiskeys. So this one definitely caught my eye.

“This bourbon is aged for a number of years in new charred white oak barrels, then finished in used port barrels, many of which come from Virginian wineries. Caramel and spice notes from the charred white oak are elegantly combined with flavors of jam to create a deep taste. A smooth finish is attained from resting in the port barrels.”

Price in Virginia is $39.99. I’ll definitely have to pick up a bottle, assuming it actually makes the shelves. (There’s no indication that this is a limited-edition product. But you never know.)

Assuming this works like the other Bowman bourbons, it’s distilled by Buffalo Trace in Kentucky, then redistilled and aged at Bowman’s facility in Fredericksburg. Bowman has a solid reputation for good whiskeys, especially those released under the Abraham Bowman name.

isaac bowman port finish whiskey