10 Whiskies Everyone Should Own

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The folks over at Whisky Advocate magazine have put together a list of their “10 Essential Whiskies Everyone Should Own (And Why).” I love whiskey and I love lists, so I was delighted to read it.

I’m going to list their selections below along with my own commentary. The article is worth clicking through to see their thoughts — it’s a very quick read.

1. A Versatile Mixer: Jameson
Every bar needs some Jameson. I only ever use it for Irish Coffees, but it’s the perfect whiskey for them, in my opinion.

2. The Quintessential Blend: Chivas Regal 18 year old
I’ve never really explored the world of blended Scotch, so I’ve never had this. But Chivas is very highly regarded in the industry.

3. A Dependable Straight Bourbon: Evan Williams Single Barrel
A staple of the bourbon world, this is as reliable as Old Faithful. Which is why I included it in my recent Good Bourbon You Can Afford (and Actually Find) post.

4. A My-Oh-My Rye: High West Rendezvous Rye
I’m a big fan of High West ryes. They are very gifted in the art of blending. This one has long been on my list to try, but haven’t done so yet. But their Double Rye is a staple in my house.

5. A Dram with Universal Appeal: Highland Park 12 year old
One of the legendary Scottish distilleries, this one makes most lists of the best. I haven’t had it in years and really need to revisit it.

6. The Power of the Pot Still: Green Spot
Pot still Irish whiskey has grown increasingly popular in recent years. (Redbreast is probably the better known one.) I have a bottle of Green Spot hidden in a box somewhere, so have not tried it.

7. A Guileful Persuader: Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or
Glenmorangie doesn’t get the attention that the better known “Glens” do, but it’s a top-notch distillery. This whisky is finished in sauternes casks before bottling, given the spirit a slight honeyed sweetness to go along with all the malty goodness.

8. A Japanese Grand Master: Yamazaki 18 year old
If you can find it, this is a $400-500 bottle of whisky. I have not had the pleasure of tasting it. But the 12-year-old version is wonderful, so I assume this is a real delight.

9. A Smokin’ Good Islay: Lagavulin 16 year old
I have been slowing coming around on the topic of peated whisky. It’s definitely one of those flavors that takes some getting used to in my experience. I have not yet tried this one, but it’s on my list.

10. A Trophy Whisky: Glenfarclas 40 year old
“Trophy Whisky” is right. A bottle of this will run you close to a grand. I would never spend that much on a whisky, but if you would, please share.