Advice for New Bartenders: Alba Huerta

Alba HuertaAlba Huerta
Julep Bar, Houston, Texas

A little piece of advice that I give everyone I’ve trained over the years is that this profession is always about giving. To some it’s a very natural talent, and to others it doesn’t come so easy, but nonetheless. it presents itself every single day many, many times over.

You’ll find yourself doing it in so many different ways, whether it’s giving somebody a napkin, directions to dinner, or a piece of yourself through a cocktail you created. It can be something thoughtful, like selecting a wine for them on the list from a region you adore, or something as simple as a smile and a warm welcome.

It’s all an extension of you in some way. It’s important to know that giving is a strength and not a weakness. Being aware of this element is key to having lifelong satisfaction with choosing to be a service professional.

I was able to recognize this very early on, and the enjoyment I get out of bartending grows exponentially every day.

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