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Wine Wednesday: Jacques Bourguignon Chablis 2012

Although my primary interest is in cocktails and spirits, I do enjoy a glass of wine on occasion as well. Particularly with food, as I don’t generally drink cocktails with a meal other than perhaps a Margarita.

Like most wine drinkers, I’m always on the lookout for something that tastes good, but doesn’t cost a fortune. So I often scour the shelves at places like Trader Joe’s looking for interesting bottles. That’s where I found this one.

The 2012 Jacques Bourguignon Chablis is a white burgundy from the Chablis region of France. It is the color of pale straw with a light floral and fruity nose. This is an unoaked Chardonnay, so there is none of the wood presence that turns people off to many California Chardonnays.

The flavor is light and crisp, with apples and citrus, and a mildly acidic tanginess. You’ll note that I keep saying “light,” which it is, but it’s certainly not lacking in flavor.

This Chablis is quite refreshing and would go nicely with foods with delicate flavors, such as seafood or simple pastas. Or it would pair well with a cheese or fruit plate.

The Jacques Bourguignon Chablis is a simple, but tasty wine, well-made, and a bargain at the price.

Jacques Bourguignon Chablis wine