Maker’s Mark Bourbon — Straight from the Barrel

I don’t usually run press releases on here unless I’m feeling especially lazy. But this latest one from Maker’s Mark caught my eye. I figured, if it interests me, it might interest you as well.

Maker’s Mark will start selling a cask-strength — that is, an uncut and unfiltered version — version of their bourbon to people who visit their distillery. I imagine that this will appeal to a lot of whiskey drinkers who otherwise shun Maker’s Mark.

Now, if only I were going to Loretto, Kentucky, I could try some!


Makers Mark Bourbon Logo

Dear Ambassador,

As you know, we love company. Maybe it’s because the Marion County countryside around our distillery is so peaceful. (A little too peaceful, if you know what we mean.) Or maybe it’s because our distillery is so out of the way, we’re thrilled when people make the effort to find us.

Whatever the reason, we invite you to stop in. We’ll be happy to give you an up-close-and-personal look at our distillery, our handmade whisky and the dream that led to both.

If you’re able to pay us a visit, we invite you to taste a bit of Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength™ to see how this uncut and unfiltered version compares to the original while experiencing the kaleidoscope of shapes and colors of The Spirit of the Maker – our installation by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. The countless handblown glass pieces include deep browns and vibrant ambers emblematic of our bourbon, crystal blues that reflect the water from the distillery’s spring-fed lake and rich reds illustrative of the signature red wax that tops each handmade bottle.

I have to say, it’s the perfect backdrop for sipping the amplified flavors of Cask Strength. Cask Strength will be available for tasting as part of the tour experience and for purchase in the gift shop beginning Monday, September 1.

We hope to raise a glass of it with you here soon!


Rob Samuels

Rob Samuels
Ambassador in Chief