Tequila Review: Blue Nectar Tequila Silver

Blue Nectar is a new tequila that arrived on our doorstep. I’d barely heard of it before and didn’t really know anything about it. But since I love tequila, and have been drinking more of it lately than anything else, I was eager to learn more.

Blue Nectar Tequila Silver is triple distilled from 100% agave grown in the lowlands of Mexico. (Double distilling is more common.) This is the region of Amatitán, not far from Guadalajara.

Blue Nectar is made at distillery NOM 1459, which also makes Don Azul, Gran Tulum, and Los Tres Tonos tequilas, none of which I’m familiar with. Some of the better known tequilas from the area, made at different distilleries, include Herradura and Jimador.

This tequila comes in a very attractive, modern-looking bottle that is tinted slightly blue. The tequila itself, however, is crystalline in appearance and pure.

Once poured, Blue Nectar smells crisp and briny, with a warm, vegetal aroma of agave. The flavor is also briny, slightly spicy on the tongue, and not too sweet. That is followed by a brief finish.

No flavor really dominates this spirit. There isn’t much taste of agave, as you would find in a more authentic tequila. (The triple distillation probably adds to that.) There’s an overall balance to it that is agreeable, but somewhat forgettable.

Blue Nectar Tequila Silver has a pleasant flavor, but it lacks much distinctive character. I would certainly drink this if someone poured it for me, but at its price level I don’t think I’d seek it out.