Gin Review: Brockmans Gin

As part of the Ginaissance that has been underway for the past several years, we’ve seen a number of new gins and new styles of gin enter the market. Some have been welcome — Caorunn and Aviation Gin, for example — and others less so.

Brockmans Gin is one of the latest arrivals A departure from the more common London Dry Gin, Brockmans goes for a lighter, fruitier flavor profile. It has just a touch of juniper, but it quickly fades into the mist. More prevalent is the flavor of blueberries and a slightly herbaceous quality.

The producers of Brockmans tout it as a ginto drink neat or on ice. And it’s definitely not a good choice for a gin and tonic, or most other cocktails, for that matter. Its delicate flavor would disappear when combined with almost any mixer.

Brockmans wouldn’t be the first (or second or third) gin I’d reach for on the shelf. It doesn’t have the taste or the body that I’m looking for when I want to drink gin. That being said, it’s a pleasant drink, tastes rather nice over ice, and might make for a welcome change of pace, especially during summertime.