Get Your Signed Copy of “Professor Cocktail’s Zombie Horde”

The print edition of Professor Cocktail’s Zombie Horde: Recipes for the World’s Most Lethal Drink has been available for a while now, and sales have been good. (Thanks to all of you!) But I know that at least a few of you were interested in getting a signed copy. Now you can.

I’ve opened up a store on StoreEnvy to sell Professor Cocktail merchandise. At this point, the only thing available is Professor Cocktail’s Zombie Horde, but that may change in the future. You can get the book signed, or even get it inscribed if you want. I’ll write basically anything as long as it’s at least somewhat tasteful. Or I can come up with a pithy comment of my own. (See the website for details.)

It’s still a couple bucks cheaper to buy it from Amazon. But if you’d like a signed or personalized copy, this is the only way to get one.

Zombie Horde Print Front   Zombie Horde Print Rear

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