Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

I’ve already shared Professor Cocktail’s holiday gift guides for spirits and non-spirits. Now here are a few last-minute suggestions for stocking stuffers.

If your special someone likes cocktails, they’ll love getting a bottle of orgeat in their stocking. You can’t make a Mai Tai without it.
Garnish your Martinis and other cocktails in style with these classy metal picks.
Zombie Horde Book Stocking What could be better than a Zombie in your stocking? A book about Zombies! (The real thing would probably make a mess.)
 Swizzle Stick Swizzle up your Tiki drinks the Caribbean way with this authentic wooden swizzle stick. How do you swizzle a cocktail? Let Jim Meehan show you how.
A barspoon is a great accessory to have on hand. Here is a deal on two for the price of one.
An essential guide for the home bartender, in a conveniently stocking-sized volume.
A muddler is an excellent tool for a variety of cooking and drinking tasks. Here’s a solid one.
Kah Tequila Small Bottles These Kah Tequila nip bottles are too cool. Buy one — or all three — and drop them in the grown-ups’ stockings. Christmas morning is sure to be much merrier.
I bought some of these for myself. They’re cheap, but cute. Great for stockings.
High-end cocktail bars often fine strain their drinks when pouring them into the glass to ensure that no shards of ice or fruit pulp mar the appearance of the drink. This is what you use to do it.
Whiskey Advocate magazine consistently has some of the best writing about spirits anywhere. Scotch, bourbon, Canadian, Irish, craft or Japanese, they cover it all with deep knowledge and lively writing.

Stocking Stuffers