Holiday Gift Guide: Non-Spirits

Last week I ran Professor Cocktail’s holiday gift guide for spirits. Now it’s time to share my recommendations for gifts to give that aren’t actually alcohol — although, naturally, they are still related to cocktails or spirits in some way. These all get the Professor Cocktail stamp of approval.

If you’re serious about your spirits (whiskey, rum, whatever), you’re going to want to drink them out of a Glencairn glass. Beloved by single malt fans around the world.
Cocktails just taste better when accompanied by a big ole ice cube. These trays are excellent.
There are cocktail recipe books, and then there is Jim Meehan’s The PDT Cocktail Book. Any cocktail fan or bartender would love to have a copy. Guaranteed.
If you don’t know about bitters, you’re in luck. I wrote up a handy guide: Bitters 101. Read it — and then give this set as a gift.
A book full of wine cocktails by the amazing Jason Wilson? Yes, please!
You knew I was going to recommend my book, right? This is especially
good for the shopper who procastinates. The Kindle version can be gifted
in mere minutes! If you’re planning ahead — like now — the print version would sure look pretty under the tree.
Perfect for zesting citrus, grating spices like nutmeg or cinnamon, ginger, cheeses, whatever you got.
Most inexpensive cocktail shakers aren’t very good. (The main problem with them is that the pieces stick together making it very hard to open.) I have several of these, though, and they work well.
Is it possible that your loved one doesn’t have a good jigger yet? Buy him/her one!
Here’s another gorgeous book. Even if you’re not that interested in cocktails, this would look awesome on your end table. As an added bonus, it’s a really interesting book!
 Cocktail Kingdom If you’re looking for something a little fancier — and more expensive — then here’s what you do. Head over to Cocktail Kingdom and buy anything they have for sale. Seriously. Anything. It’s all awesome. I covet their bar tools.