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Caskers: A Good Place to Buy Spirits Online

Finding spirits beyond the usual stuff can be hard. Sure, it's easy to pick up a bottle of Popov Vodka at the corner liquor store. But what if you want some El Dorado Rum or a bottle of Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon? In that case, you probably need to order it online — and Caskers is a great place to try.

Caskers has a small, but carefully curated selection, which means you can find some really good quality stuff there. The prices are okay — I'd say about in the middle of what you can expect to pay. They're not the cheapest, but you'll pay more most other places.

One of the things I like best about them is that they don't soak you on the shipping like some stores do. They periodically run free shipping specials — like the one they've got going right now. Between now and Labor Day, all orders of $150 or more qualify for free shipping. Also, they ship to most states, which is good for those who live in places with lousy stores. Like Virginia.

Check 'em out today: Caskers.

Please note: I'm not being compensated to say this stuff. This is not an ad. However, if you go through the link and buy something, I earn some referral credit. But I wouldn't send you to them if I didn't think it was a good service. So be a mensch and use my link, please.