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R.I.P. Truman Cox, Master Distiller

Truman coxThere was some sad news for the whiskey world yesterday. Truman Cox, 44, master distiller at the A. Smith Bowman Distillery, died suddenly. He leaves behind a wife and daughter, as well as a lot of people who respected and admired him.

Truman was the lead chemist at Buffalo Trace before moving to Fredericksburg to take over Bowman in June 2011. It had long been his dream to be a master distiller, and he was by all accounts overjoyed at his job.

I didn't know Truman personally, although we were Facebook friends. Just a few days ago he was making jokes about how he was sick and the doctor didn't know what was wrong with him. And then he was gone.

He was outspoken and funny, a friendly guy who knew his bourbon. I imagine he was a great fellow to sit down and enjoy a glass of whiskey with — preferably whiskey he himself had made.

Truman was doing some great things at A. Smith Bowman, guiding them to a place of growing respect and prominence among bourbon drinkers. (I reviewed the John J. Bowman bourbon and liked it.)

He'll be missed.