Professor Cocktail’s Holiday Gift Guide: Bourbon

This week we'll be running our holiday gift guide, with suggestions for spirits in different categories. Yesterday we offered up our gin recommendations. Today we're doing bourbon.

Professor Cocktail's Holiday Gift Guide: Bourbon

We're in the midst of a bourbon renaissance, with a plethora of fine whiskeys on the market. There are many wonderful brands you could pick, but I narrowed down my recommendations to these four.

Larceny bourbonA New Everyday Bourbon: Larceny ($23)

This new bourbon from Heaven Hill, introduced earlier this year, is now a favorite of mine. A variant of Old Fitzgerald, this is a delicious wheated bourbon that is great in cocktails or on its own.

Eagle rareFor the Connoisseur: Eagle Rare 10-Year Old ($25)

This was the second highest rated whiskey in our bourbon taste test. (The top rated has been discontinued.) Any bourbon fan would love to have a bottle, and the price can't be beat.

 Evan williams 1783For the Budget Shopper: Evan Williams 1783 ($15)

Evan Williams bourbon is always tough to beat, and this is one of my favorite expressions. It tastes so much more expensive than it costs. A wonderful bourbon that you can drink any time — pick up an extra bottle for yourself.

Four roses small batchFor the Collector: Four Roses 2012 Limited Edition Small Batch ($87)

John Hansell said this was the best bourbon of the year. I wouldn't know, since it's almost impossible to find. But in case you do see it, this is the one to get. (Or if you can find a bottle of Van Winkle or the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, snap it up.)

We've included links for each suggestion to K&L Wines (where available). K&L is a great spirits store, with impeccable service and a sterling reputation. You can order from them with confidence. Send them an email to see if they ship to your state. (Note: We're not being compensated for these links.)

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