An Interview with the Professor, Courtesy of Société Perrier

Société Perrier, the nightlife and culture website, has a profile of me that just went up yesterday. I thought it came out nicely and hope you find it entertaining.

Here's their intro:

A fourth-generation Californian, David J. Montgomery spent close to 20 years in Bakersfield, learning, as he puts it, "…the joys of Coors Light, Picon Punch, Fernet after dinner, and plenty of cheap red wine." Now residing in D.C.'s Northern Virginia suburbs, the longtime author and book critic is the scribe behind Professor Cocktail. On the blog, Montgomery documents his spirit sampling, awarding As to bottles he'd happily drink forever, and lesser grades to those falling short of world-class status. While he admits to occasional grade inflation (enthusiasm over new distilling techniques is to blame for that) his professor title is 100 percent legit. Montgomery spent several years teaching college history, and is well versed in the influence spirits have had on U.S. culture. Naturally, when we asked him a few questions about his blog and drink preferences, we were more than happy to play the role of student. 

You can see the rest of it at Better Know A Blogger: Professor Cocktail.