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Buffalo Trace Distillery Releases 2012 Antique Collection

These bourbons receive almost universal acclaim each year. I haven't yet tried any, but I hope to change that soon.

At long last, Buffalo Trace Distillery
is releasing its 2012 Antique Collection in September. The much
anticipated collection will once again feature five limited-release
whiskeys of various ages, recipes and proofs. Here’s what ardent
fans can expect:

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old

The previous edition of this bourbon was honored with a Gold Medal at
the 2012 International Wine and Spirits Competition. The 2012 edition
was distilled in the spring of 1993 and has been aging on the 2nd,
3rd and 6th floors of Warehouses I and K.  After
nearly two decades of aging under its belt, it has been described as
dry and delicate, with hints of leather, almonds and tobacco.

George T. Stagg

The 2011 release of this perennial favorite was named the “Number
One Spirit in the World” by F. Paul Pacult in the 2012 Spirit
for the second year in a row, as well as the
“Second Finest Whiskey in the World” in Jim Murray’s
Whisky Bible
.  The 2012 George T. Stagg was found in
Warehouses H, I, K and L. This uncut, unfiltered bourbon was
distilled back in the spring of 1995 and weighs in at 142.8
proof—some strong stuff! This whiskey tastes of rich dark
chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

Sazerac Rye 18 Year Old

Last year’s release won a double gold medal at the San Francisco
World Spirits Competition.  This 2012 rye whiskey release was
aged in Warehouses K and is described as intense spice with
underlying sweetness and dry finish.

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye is an uncut and unfiltered straight rye
whiskey. The 2011 edition was once again named “Rye Whiskey of the
Year” in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.
This year’s Handy was distilled in the spring of 2006, aged on the
fifth floor of Warehouse O and weighs in at 132.4 proof. The flavor
has been described as cinnamon, dark fruit, allspice, lingering. 

William Larue Weller

William Larue Weller is the Antique Collection’s uncut, unfiltered,
wheated recipe bourbon. The previous edition was the recipient of a
double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 
The 2012 offering was distilled in the spring of 2000 and aged on the
second and fourth floors of Warehouses I and P. This William Larue
Weller release registers in at 130 proof.  It tastes of dark
vanilla, almond and plum. 

The Antique Collection was introduced more than a decade ago and has
become a cult favorite among whiskey connoisseurs. Since 2000 these
whiskeys have garnered numerous awards from such notable publications
as Whisky Advocate Magazine, Spirit Journal and Jim
Murray’s Whisky Bible

“Every year the excitement and anticipation of these whiskeys
grows,” said Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley. “We’re excited
as well to finally be able to share them, and look forward to seeing
what critics and consumers alike think about them.” 

These Antique Collection whiskeys will
be available in limited quantities starting in late September. 
Suggested retail price is $70 each.