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The Cheat Sheet: The Professor’s Guide to the Best Cocktail and Spirits Links

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're gonna feel all day." –Frank Sinatra
  • In the Washington Post, Jason Wilson shares his affection for grapefruit juice, along with his recipe for The 866 — another aquavit cocktail.
  • Also in the Post, Daniel Fromson reveals that D.C. is putting its stamp on the beer cocktail. (I've still never had one.)
  • In the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Gunnison writes about aquavit — something must be in the air this week — and even tells you how to make your own.
  • In Esquire Magazine, David Wondrich talks mezcal.
  • More from David Wondrich (on recipes for Boston Rum Punch and Beantown's signature cocktail, the Ward Eight.
  • Also in Equire, bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler (Clyde Common) shares his recipe for the Sore Loser, a cocktail with overproof bourbon, creme de peche and Amontillado sherry.
  • In U.S. News and World Report, Rober Schlesinger investigates the difference between Scotch and American whiskey.
  • In the Cincinnati Enquirer, Polly Campbell hits the town to see what the local bartenders are mixing up — and finds a lot of bourbon. (I had to link to this, because apparently Cincinnati has a Mexican restaurant named Bakersfield, which is my old hometown.)
  • Serious Eats presents their guide to tequila. This has been a very interesting and useful series.
  • Also on Serious Eats, Andrew Strenio recommends 3 unusual spirits from around the world that you should try: BrennivĂ­n from Ireland, White Lion VSOA from Sri Lanka, and Amarula from South Africa.
  • On the Reuters wire, Kara Newman visits Phoenix to check out the cocktail scene — and pronounces it hot! (Get it?)
  • Also on Reuters, Kara Newman visits Baltimore to drink their hometown spirit: rye whiskey. (Maryland-style rye whiskey was a lighter, sweeter version of rye that has all but disappeared.)
  • Lots of traveling this week: Rick Steves visits Europe and tries out the local liqueurs.
  • John Hansell muses about the new trend in American whiskey of distillers striving for versatility, as both mixers or sippers.
  • In The Tennessean, Ryan Underwood talks craft distilleries in the land of Jack Daniels.
  • In The Village Voice, Alexia Nader interviews Janet Glasser, the co-founder of Bittermens Bitters.
  • The A. Smith Bowman distillery, not far south of here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, recently opened a new visitors center and is making plans for expansion. Lew Bryson visited and reports back.
  • On, Wayne Curtis writes about Derek Brown, co-owner and head bartender at DC's Columbia Room. Wayne describes him as "part mixologist, part drinks nerd and part writer." That's a great combination!
  • Also on, Ryan Magarian talks Old Fashioneds, and shares his recipes for gin and coffee liqueur versions.
  • CLASS Magazine rounds up 9 different varieties of creme de banane. They give the highest marks to Lejay Lagoute Creme de Banane.
  • Also in CLASS, Simon Difford discusses Scottish grain whisky.
  • The presents 3 variations on the Negroni.
  • The Weekly Pint shares their 5 favorite beers for spring.