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The Cheat Sheet: The Professor’s Guide to the Best Cocktail and Spirits Links

 If it's Wednesday, we must have links. Enjoy!

  • In the Washington Post, Jason Wilson tries his hand at blending cognac in the cellars of Remy Martin.
  • In the Philadelphia Daily News, Jason Wilson (the guy is everywhere!) visits the Hop Sing Laundromat — a laundry that serves booze!
  • In the San Francisco Chronicle, Gary Regan mixes up a drink from Old Havana: the Wil P. Taylor's Hotel Nacional Special. Great name — and it sounds delicious.
  • In the New York Times, Cathy Barrow talks about making your own citrus liqueurs at home. I think I might try this.
  • Also in the New York Times, Robert Simonson reports on a theater that is conversant in Scotch.
  • In the Los Angeles Times, Jessica Gelt samples a new bottle of Stoli vodka that costs $3000. It's made with pristine water from the Himalayan mountains, if that helps.
  • Also in the Los Angeles Times, Betty Hallock reports on a new series of vintage potato vodkas made by Karlsson's, a Swedish distiller.
  • Maggie Hoffman is also talking potoato vodka, including Karlsson's, over on Serious Eats.
  • In CLASS Magazine, three of their writers get together to taste 6 apricot liqueurs. Their top mark goes to De Kuyper XO Apricot Brandy. This is not available in the U.S., but it sounds delicious.
  • Also in CLASS, Simon Difford investigates the Daiquiri, one of my favorite drinks (and one of the world's most perfect cocktails).
  • Reuters reports on the efforts of Italian distilleries to make grappa an attractive spirit in the modern cocktail world.
  • On, tequila ambassador Jacques Bezuidenhout makes the case for why you should be drinking Mezcal. I think he convinced me!
  • Also on, some suggestions to help you get ready for baseball season — including a couple of very promising cocktail recipes.
  • Serious Eats visits Bar Agricole in San Francisco and asks head bartender Craig Lane to make his five favorite drinks on the menu.
  • British drinks conglomerate Diageo is reportedly getting close to buying Jose Cuervo, makers of the popular tequila.
  • Famed NYC bar Milk & Honey is moving its "secret location" to Murray Hill.
  • The United States agrees to recognize cachaca as a distinctive Brazilian product. What's really needed, I think, is a legal definition of what constitutes rum.
  • Speaking of rum…Over on The Spir.It, Amanda Schuster attended a lecture on rum given by F. Paul Pacult recently, and reports back with all the details.
  • More on the rum front: a new craft distillery is making the sugar cane spirit in Brooklyn. I guess if you can make it there…
  • Check out these very cool, but ridiculously expensive, bar carts.
  • As craft cocktails have become more popular, so have cocktail events. Case in point: Boston is mixing up a fun one, the Boston Cocktail Summit, coming this October.

That's it for now. If you have any suggestions for next week's round-up, please let me know.