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Vodka Review: Platinum 7X Vodka

Platinum_vodkaPlatinum 7X Vodka
American Vodka
Final Grade: B+
Price: $10 (750ml)

I don't write about vodka very often, a reflection of the fact that I don't drink it nearly as often as I used to. I still like vodka — I just don't find it as interesting as other spirits. But there's no denying its flexibility and effectiveness. Vodka is the perfect spirit for when you're feeling lazy or uncreative, or just looking for something simple and to-the-point.

Platinum 7X Vodka has been on the market for a while, but it's recently been rebranded by its producer, the Sazerac Company. The key selling point to Platinum 7X is that it is distilled seven times, leaving a very pure spirit.

Its appearance in the glass reflects this: clear and flawless, like rainwater. It has a slight odor of alcohol, but that's it. As soon as you take a sip, the alcohol makes its presence known. It's not as smooth as Stoli, my favorite vodka, but it's also not unpleasantly hot.

Platinum 7X Vodka is made from American corn, but the distillation process leaves it with essentially no flavor. It tastes like, well, vodka. Pure, clean ethanol. There's not much point in drinking it straight (although if you do, it should be ice cold). However, it makes for a solid mixer, and works well in the standard vodka drinks like a Screwdriver or Cape Cod.

So why bother to discuss this vodka? Because it's cheap! I've seen it on sale for under $9, even cheaper than my standby Sobieski. At that price, you usually get something that tastes like rubbing alcohol. But Platinum 7X is significantly better than that.

Platinum 7X is not a vodka that's going to blow you away. But for the price, you'll find few, if any, that are better.

Report Card

Quality Grade: B
Value Grade: A
Final Grade: B+