Wednesday Link-O-Rama

You've waited all week — now it's time to crack one open. A juicy collection of links, that is. Unless you'd like a drink. You can have one of those, too.

  • A nice, straightforward piece on gin from Bloomberg News. If you're not that familiar with gin, this is recommended.
  • Maggie Hoffman, Drinks Editor for Serious Eats, speculates on likely cocktail trends for 2012. I think her guesses are pretty good ones. I would add to the list: more beer and wine cocktails.
  • Some more cocktail trend predictions, these from The This set is more obvious.
  • Amari (bitter liqueurs) are going to continue to grow in popularity. Here's a good introduction ("All About Amari") that explains the category and discusses several different kinds, including some more obscure ones.
  • Speaking of beer cocktails – here's a place in Brooklyn that's brewing them up.
  • A very good guide to setting up a home bar. (Did I link to this one yet? I don't think so, although I've shared similar thoughts from Jason in the past. The man knows his stuff.)
  • Winter cocktails? Yes, please.
  • A new video from Robert Hess, this one demonstrating how to make a Champs Elysees. I finally broke down and bought a bottle of Chartreuse ($50 a pop!) so maybe I'll try this.
  • Another article on making cocktails with winter citrus fruits. The Citrus 75, a riff on the French 75 with Clementine juice, sounds especially good.
  • A good piece on Harry Craddock, one of the great bartenders of the Pre-Prohibition era.
  • I can barely manage to make dinner most nights, so am I going to make my own Vermouth? Probably not. But it does sound kinda cool. Here's how.
  • I really need to visit Portland. They have all the good new drinks.
  • Wanna see some pretty pictures of the Top 5 Vodka Cocktails?
  • I've never tried Pisco, a brandy that's very popular in Peru and other parts of South America, but it's trying to become the next vodka. Pisco Portón, in particular, in getting a serious marketing push. Anyone tried it?

We still need a new name for this feature, so please send in your suggestions or leave them in the comments below.