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New Year’s Resolutions: New Drinking Rules for 2012 offers their resolutions for the new year — some interesting advice you might want to consider. (The commentary is adapted from their piece. It's not mine. But I agree with it.)

  • Have nightcaps and aperitifs
    • At least once this year, try this classic style of imbibing.
  • Visit a new bar
    • Not that long ago, it took some work to find a good cocktail. Now, it seems that another dozen craft-cocktail bars open across the country every few days.
  • Start grating
    • We hope you’re already using fresh fruit juices in your tipples. But you should also be grating whole spices.
  • Embrace technology
    • Bars and distillers are experimenting with new technologies, like cocktails on tap. No doubt the trend will become more common; we suggest giving these high-tech concoctions a chance

Good suggestions! Check out the whole piece for the commentary.