Wednesday Link-O-Rama

Admit it: you've been missing the Link-O-Rama while we were sleeping off the holidays. So here we are, back in all our glory.

  • GQ offers a comprehensive primer on what's going on with cocktails today. It covers such topics as barrel-aged cocktails, local and seasonal cocktails, molecular mixology and more. It also includes a helpful glossary that defines such ingredients as orgeat, demerara sugar syrup, Luxardo Maraschino, St-Germain liqueur and more.
  • David Wondrich ("the most esteemed alcohol expert in America") gives a tour of his home in Brooklyn — which, naturally, is filled with spirits of every type known to man, plus a variety of other cocktailian miscellanea.
  • More from David Wondrich: A fascinating essay on Constante Ribalaigua Vert, the famed bartender who plied his trade at Havana's La Floridita bar. In addition to inventing scores of new drinks, Vert was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, a man who knew his tipple. (I just wish the piece were longer.)
  • Tasked by the San Francisco Chronicle to come up with a drink for New Year's Day, Gary Regan produces the Kiss the Skye. It has Scotch, Lillet Blanc and sage leaves. I have no idea what that would taste like.
  • Jamie Boudreau shows you how to make the Kentucky Medicine, a variation on the Manhattan with Rye Whiskey, Barolo and Bitter Truth E**X**R. (Sounds tasty.)
  • From the archives of the Washington Post, Jason Wilson tells how to "[Stock] Staples for a Winter Bar." Among his suggestions: Plymouth Gin, Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac, Wild Turkey Rye and Mount Gay Eclipse Rum. Hard to beat those choices.
  • Another from Jason Wilson: "Savory Cocktails with a Seasonal Bent." The drinks he discusses are…ummm…interesting. Not sure if I'd like these or not.
  • In the Times, Eric Asimov writes about "Whisky from Islay, Scotland." He and his tasting panel sampled scotches from distilleries like Laphroaig, Ardberg, Lagavulin and Balmore. Their verdict? Bold, smoky and delicious.
  • Also in the Times, an article on "Bourbon's All-American Roar." A very interesting piece, with a nice twist on the Manhattan that I want to try.

That's it for now. Some good stuff to read. Enjoy!