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The Cheat Sheet: The Professor’s Guide to the Best Cocktail and Spirits Links

Posting will probably be light this week, so here are some things worth reading that will keep you busy in the meantime. offers up a list of the things they’re looking forward to in 2012. The one on their list that’s most interesting to me: Pierre Ferrand is introducing a classic cognac-based orange liqueur, Dry … Read more

Planter’s Punch – The Original Tiki Drink

The Planter’s Punch is one of the oldest rum cocktails, a classic combination of rum, lime juice and sugar that dates back to 18th-century Jamaica. There the drink was originally made according to a recipe with the rhythm of a nursery rhyme: “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.” (That … Read more

The Cheat Sheet: The Professor’s Guide to the Best Cocktail and Spirits Links

Mrs. Professor was out of town last week, so I had to take care of the Little Professors by myself. Thus the lack of posts. Here are some links to catch you up: Derek Brown (of DC’s The Passenger and Columbia Room) offers up his picks for the best places to drink in Washington. On … Read more

Armagnac: France’s “Other” Brandy

Armagnac is the “other French Brandy,” the country cousin to the better known Cognac. has a thumbnail sketch of the spirit. [Armagnac] comes from a small region in southwest France (the entire appellation contains less than 10,000 acres) that is home to 500 independent brands and 300 co-ops producing about six million bottles per … Read more

The Top 5 Whiskey Drinks

The Spir.It rounds up their selections for the Top 5 Whiskey Drinks. Their choices (which include recipes and photos) are: Old-Fashioned Whiskey Sour Manhattan Sazerac Mint Julep Five very solid picks. I can’t really argue with any of them — they’re classics. The recipes are pretty good, too, although their Manhattan doesn’t have nearly enough … Read more

Wednesday Link-O-Rama

You’ve waited all week — now it’s time to crack one open. A juicy collection of links, that is. Unless you’d like a drink. You can have one of those, too. A nice, straightforward piece on gin from Bloomberg News. If you’re not that familiar with gin, this is recommended. Maggie Hoffman, Drinks Editor for Serious Eats, … Read more

Whiskey Review: Templeton Rye Whiskey

Templeton RyeSmall Batch Rye WhiskeyFinal Grade: APrice: $40 (750ml) Reviewed by Bob Montgomery At last, I have found my rye.  My desert island Manhattan is now picked out. This is the bottle I would take on a long voyage; into the space capsule; in my suspended animation chamber. Along with companion bottles of Noilly Prat Sweet … Read more