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Drinking during Prohibition

Yesterday (December 5) was the 78th anniversary of the end of Prohibition, the thirteen-year Dark Age in which it was illegal to produce or sell alcoholic beverages in the United States. (Interestingly enough, it was not illegal to consume alcohol.) December 5th is celebrated in many of the nation’s bars as Repeal Day, one of … Read more

Recipe: Coquito (Puerto Rican “Egg Nog”)

Want to try something new for your holiday libation this year? Mix up a batch of Coquito! This is the traditional Puerto Rican version of Egg Nog, and it’s muy delicioso.   Coquito (Puerto Rican “Egg Nog”) 1 can Coconut Milk1 can Evaporated Milk1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (minus 2 ounces)6 Egg Yolks1 ½ Cups … Read more