Wednesday Link-O-Rama

It's Hump Day and you probably need a little pick-me-up to help you get through the rest of the week. Here are some links that might hit the spot.

In case you haven't finished your holiday shopping, a few more gift guides to give you ideas:

  • From, recommendations featuring Scotch. In addition to the Auchentoshan Three Wood, which I would love to try, they recommend the Glenfiddich 15 and Highland Park 18, plus a couple others.
  • Also on, gifts for the high-roller. Some great (and very expensive) picks, including Grand Marnier Quintessence. The one I'd really like, though, is the Appleton Estate Signature Marque.
  • The Wall Street Journal gives suggestions for "The 12 Bottles of Christmas," including Canadian Club 12, Dewars Signature, Campari, Frangelico and Mount Gay Eclipse Rum.
  • Here's a fun one: "A Holiday Wish List from the Booze Pros." I have to admit, I wouldn't be disappointed if someone got me my own barrel.