Wednesday Link-O-Rama

Are you all set for the holidays? Is the pressure starting to get to you? Here are some spirituous links to improve your mood.

  • Based on this article, the New York Times has apparently never heard of ordering hard-to-find spirits over the internet. (Even so, "Going the Distance to Make Craft Cocktails at Home" is still worth reading.)
  • Seven bar jokes involving grammar and punctuation, courtesy of McSweeney's.
  • The amazing Chris McMillian has been named New Orleans' Bartender of the Year by the Museum of the American Cocktail. A well deserved honor for a great bartender.
  • Want to know why Chris McMillian is such a great bartender? Watch these videos.
  • offers up suggestions for giving Tequila this holiday season. They recommend 7 Leguas Blanco, Espolón Reposado and El Jimado Añejo, among others.
  • Washington's own The Passenger has been named to Food & Wine's list of the 50 Best Bars in America. Also on the list are NYC's PDT and Pegu Club, Alexandria's PX, Bar Agricole and Smuggler's Cove in SF and Anvil Bar in Houston.
  • Bartender Jamie Boudreau demonstrates how to barrel age a cocktail — in this case, the Whitehook, his variation on the Red Hook.
  • If you're interested in reading about how barrel aging cocktails began, Jeffrey Morgenthaler is your man.
  • Cocktail historian David Wondrich discusses What Your Drink Says About You.
  • What does a $25,000 bottle of Scotch look like? This! (Granted, it's 50-year-old Macallan, distilled in 1928. But still — 25 grand?)
  • Calling all Tiki fans! Camper English has some interesting suggestions for using Bittermen's new liqueurs as Tiki ingredients.
  • And another for the Tiki lovers: Seattle is your new town. (The article doesn't really say much, but it does give a nice shout-out to the Mai Tai.)
  • Finally, another holiday gift guide, this one from The