Monthly Archives: December 2011

Wednesday Link-O-Rama

It’s Hump Day and you probably need a little pick-me-up to help you get through the rest of the week. Here are some links that might hit the spot. I didn’t win that Martin Miller Gin contest a while back. But here’s the cocktail that did: Junior Ryan’s Strega Sour. Admittedly, his looks like it might … Read more

Whiskey Review: Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Buffalo Trace BourbonKentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyFinal Grade: A-Price: $24 (750ml) Reviewed by Bob Montgomery A glance at the shelves of my local liquor store reveals that bourbon has become the Merlot of the whiskey world, charging ahead of its more stately cousins from Scotland and Ireland and showing its back to the generic Canadians on the … Read more

The Myths of the Bar, Debunked

The New York Times recently tackled a collection of beloved bar and spirits myths, debunking them with the help of some well-qualified experts. Among them: Older is better: “It’s absolute nonsense,” said Ronnie Cox, director of the Glenrothes, a Speyside Scotch. “It’s not about oldness, it’s about maturity. Age doesn’t mean anything other than that whiskey’s been in … Read more

Rum Review: 10 Cane Rum

10 CaneTrinidadian RumFinal Grade: C-Price: $25 (750ml) According to their website, 10 Cane rum is made from first press Trinidadian sugar cane juice. Technically this would make it a “rhum agricole,” since it’s distilled from the cane juice instead of the more common molasses. It’s called “10 Cane” because it supposedly takes ten sugar cane stalks … Read more

Does the Mixology Movement Have a Shelf Life?

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, the great archaeologist of Tiki drinks and cocktail commentator, posted a short essay wondering about the state of mixology today: We love mock speakeasies. We love bartenders who wear bowler hats, Jerry Thomas facial hair, and sleeve garters. Even more than the theatricality, we love the ceremony of watching a vintage cocktail being … Read more