Monthly Archives: November 2011

Vote for the 21st Century Harvey!

Martin Miller’s Gin is running a contest to choose the best new cocktail that “trades up” on a maligned classic drink from the 1970s and ’80s. My entry is called the 21st Century Harvey and is an updated twist on the Harvey Wallbanger. It’s made using Martin Miller’s gin, Cointreau, Licor 43 and Orange Bitters. … Read more

Book Review: “The American Cocktail” by The Editors of Imbibe Magazine

Some cocktail books are intended for the casual mixologist, some are intended for the advanced user, and some are a mixture of both. Jim Meehan’s The PDT Cocktail Book is an excellent example of the last category, as it’s accessible to the inexperienced, yet valuable to the pro as well. The American Cocktail, a new book … Read more

Recipe: The Antioxidant Cocktail – Award Winner!

A while back the Portland Craft Cocktails blog and Northwest Food and Wine Festival sponsored a contest for “casual mixologists” to create a new cocktail. I submitted a drink I created recently, with a little inspiration from my sister, Deborah Graff. I selected ingredients that were rich in antioxidants — that way, you can fight cancer … Read more

Liqueur/Whiskey Review: Evan Williams Cherry Reserve

Evan Williams Cherry ReserveLiqueur/WhiskeyFinal Grade: B+Price: $15 (750ml) One of the most popular new sectors of the spirits business is a somewhat unusual one. Building on the popularity of the ubiquitous flavored vodkas, several distillers have started introducing flavored whiskeys. According to the production information, Evan Williams Cherry Reserve combines aged bourbon with “natural cherry flavor.” … Read more

The World’s 50 Best Bars

A poll was taken of 100 bar professionals from around the world to produce a list of the world’s 50 best bars. Obviously lists like this are a little silly. Such things are subjective and prone to cronyism, and also vary depending on the respondent’s criteria and state of inebriation. Still, I love a good list, … Read more