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Vodka Review: Sobieski Vodka

SobieskiPolish VodkaFinal Grade: A-Price: $11 (750ml) Reviewing vodka can be a challenging task. How does one praise a vodka? “This tastes even less than the last one I tried!” But while vodka is often described as being tasteless, odorless, colorless, etc. — rather like the perfect poison gas, now that I think about it — … Read more

Worlds Collide: Too much restraint for a true thriller hero

Excerpted from “Drinking for Thrills,” a piece by Gavin Lyall, found in The Compleat Imbiber, No. 7 (1964).  Lyall had just received a letter from his American publisher telling him that the hero in his manuscript had “an awesome whisky capacity.” His response: “As the average reader can easily imagine I leapt to the defense of my hero’s thirst, … Read more

Book Review: “The Little Pink Book of Cocktails” by Madeline Teachett

A somewhat curious book to review today: The Little Pink Book of Cocktails, an oh-so-pretty-in-pink cocktail recipe book masquerading as a planner. I realize I’m not the intended audience for this book — presumably the publisher is going after a slightly more feminine demographic. However, I do like my share of “girlie” drinks, and the book … Read more

Recipe: The Caprican Cooler

When I mentioned to a friend recently that I had made a batch of Picon Punches, he joked that he preferred the Caprican Cooler. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but apparently fans of Battlestar Galactica will recognize that both Picon and Caprica are colonies (planets?) in the show. The discussion ended with … Read more

Rum Review: Appleton Estate V/X Rum

Appleton Estate V/XJamaican RumFinal Grade: B+Price: $18 (750ml) For my first spirits review I’ve chosen one of my old stand-by rums. The entry-level product from Appleton Estate, the V/X bottling is a full-bodied Jamaican rum, golden both in color and in taste. I’ve singled it out because it’s one of the best mixing rums I’ve … Read more

The Whiskey Rebellion

Today’s Trivia Question: Who was the only sitting U.S. president to personally lead an army into battle? If you answered “George Washington,” then you earned yourself a shot! I’ll wait while you go drink it. In fact, even if you guessed “Benjamin Franklin” (who was never president and never lead an army into anything except … Read more


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