The best Caribbean rums, island by island

Wine Enthusiast magazine doesn't just write about wine — they recently ran a good piece on the best Caribbean rums, including tasting notes and scores. They also suggest a variety of ways in which these rums can be enjoyed, and some of the best places in the islands to stay and to drink. It's definitely worth a read.

Here are some of the rums they recommend. I haven't tried all of them yet, but they get good marks from most people.


Mount Gay Extra Old — Wine Enthusiast score: 93 points. An interesting rum that a lot of people love, although it's a bit too whiskey-like for my tastes.


1 Barrel Rum

Dominican Republic

Ron Atlantico Private Cask
Brugal 1888 – Wine Enthusiast score: 93 points


Appleton Estate 12 Year Aged Rum – One of my favorite rums. A superior product, filled with rich flavor.

Puerto Rico

Bacardi 8 – Wine Enthusiast score: 91 points

Saint Lucia

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum – Wine Enthusiast score: 96 points


One thought on “The best Caribbean rums, island by island

  1. Let’s get serious – any list of “top rums” that include “1 Barrel” especially, but also Chairman’s Reserve “Spiced” and Bacardi 8 is false on its face. The worst offenders of such forced, faux articles include wine and financial magazines, who basicly know less than nothing about any of the five basic rum styles and the fine rums that truly dominate each category.
    Forced and frivolous.

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