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Cocktail Recipe: Tequila Watermelon Smash

Tequila Watermelon Smash

From the mid-1840s until after the Civil War, the smash was America’s favorite mixed drink. Called by Jerry Thomas “a julep on a small plan,” the smash is a simple-but-delicious cocktail that emphasizes fresh ingredients, minimal preparation, and bold flavors. It’s the perfect style of drink for the summertime. A smash is usually composed of … Read more

Cocktail Recipe: Japanese Cocktail

Japanese Cocktail

The Japanese Cocktail was created in New York City in 1860 by “Professor” Jerry Thomas to celebrate the occasion of the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States. One member of the Japanese delegation, their translator, Tateishi “Tommy” Onojirou, was a bit of a bon vivant, so it makes sense that he would have made … Read more

Cocktail Recipe: Tom Bulleit’s Authentic Mint Julep (Batch of 8)

Tom Bulleit's Authentic Mint Julep

PrintTom Bulleit’s Authentic Mint Julep Yield: 8 drinks Ingredients14 oz. Bulleit Bourbon 8 oz. Simple Syrup 30-40 Fresh Mint LeavesInstructionsTo make the julep mix: Prepare mint extract by removing the small, tender mint leaves. Wash, pat dry and put 30-40 leaves in a small mixing bowl and cover with 3 oz. of Bulleit Bourbon. Soak … Read more