Blanton’s Bourbon Collection

Blantons Bourbon Whiskey
l-r: Original, Red/Takara, Special Reserve, Gold, Straight from the Barrel, Black

Some people collect stamps. I used to collect books. Now I collect interesting bottles of booze. (Bonus: If you’re not TOO obsessed with the collecting part, you can drink them!)

I’ve recently completed my collection of Blanton’s “The Original Single Barrel” Bourbon. I believe this is all of the regularly available editions. (There are some one-off limited bottles, like for La Maison du Whisky, but I’m not counting those.)

The reason this was something of a challenge is because only the regular Blanton’s (the one on the far left of the picture) is sold in the United States.
Although Blanton’s is good, ole Kentucky bourbon, made by the fine folks at Buffalo Trace Distillery, the brand is actually owned by a Japanese company called Age International (which is a division of Takara Shuzo International). So most of what Blanton’s produces is intended for the Japanese market.

Some of the bottles are sold in Europe, and a few strays wind up in the U.S. But for the most part, if you want ’em, they’re in Japan. I’m pleased that my hunt was successful. At least until someone emails me about the bottle I’m missing.